Saturday, 12 August 2017


Hi everyone!
So sorry for not posting in so long, I've been so busy the past two weeks that I hardly got time to write a blogpost! However, I am very active on my instagram -

Today I have a fashion post for you guys, and it's featuring my favourite trousers! I am a sucker for checkered trousers, and I finally found one that really caught my eye quite a while ago! I bought these trousers around April, but I haven't got around to wearing them out anywhere. They're brown/beige checkered trousers - very formal - however for this blogpost I wanted to experiment different styles. Just because they have a very smart and formal look, doesn't mean you can't change your looks up to make it more suitable for other events!

So here are a few looks I styled that can be worn for many kinds of occasions!


For the first style, I decided to pair the trousers with a knit turtleneck top. It's good for those days where there's a cold breeze. This would be good for workplaces where the dress code is smart casual. I loved the way this outfit looked, and I would defo wear this to work or even an interview! It's very effortless and comfortable. For shoes, I would style it with some dupe Gucci loafers! 

I even styled the same outfit with a camel trench coat, which I felt really added a chic look to the outfit! This outfit is so easy to layer up and add extra statement pieces - defo something I would want to wear to an interview or any occasion that requires you to look smart!


TROUSERS - new look // TURTLENECK - pull & bear // TRENCH COAT - new look


This next outfit was inspired by an outfit Jennifer Aniston (playing Rachel) in friends was wearing. I LOVE her style when she starts to work for Ralph Lauren (my inner nerd side for Friends coming thru). The exact episode I'm referring to is season 5 episode 20 (i'm not crazy I swear!!). Anyways, she's wearing grey cigarette trousers with a black sleeveless top - which is what I was aiming for here. It's such a simple outfit, but it looked so good! I remember the first time I saw that outfit, I wanted one just like that. I decided to layer this outfit with a leather jacket! For shoes I'd style some all black converses to keep the outfit comfy! 

This is the same outfit, but I changed it up with a dusty pink oversized blazer. I LOVE this blazer and love love anything that is dusty/browny pink! I feel that the beige trousers went well with the dusty pink colour.


TROUSERS - new look // CROP TOP - new look // LEATHER JACKET - river island // 
BLAZER - uniqlo


This top was featured in one of my previous posts, and I love the way it looks with these trousers! I tied a knot on the top, but it can be tucked in if it's better for you! I feel that black tops look the best with these trousers, and the minimalist font helps to keep the outfit simple and chic. Again, a very comfy outfit that I would style with converses!

TROUSERS - new look // TOP - pull & bear


For this last outfit, I experimented by wearing the same colour top with the trousers. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it doesn't look half bad! I love the flared sleeves, giving the outfit a slightly more formal look. I would wear this to a smart/casual event! For this outfit, I could wear some strappy or block heels - maybe beige heels? Might be a bit too much beige, but worth trying!


TROUSERS - new look // TOP - uniqlo

I hope you liked this post! These trousers are my absolute favourite, and I hope to wear them out more! Here are some accessories details:                                  
Earrings - Nobody's Child // Necklace - H&M

Till next time!

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Hi everyone!
Today I'm back with a beauty haul. Here are just a few things that I picked up during this month. I feel like this month I didn't focus on buying beauty related products as much, mainly because there wasn't anything that REALLY stood out to me. However, everything I show in this haul are products I'm really loving and so happy that I bought them!

Lets begin with my favourite product out of all the other ones that I will be sharing with you. This is the highly popular Tarte shape tape concealer. I've heard way too many good things about this concealer that I had to take advantage of the free international delivery Tarte was providing! The product came fairly quickly - took about a week!
In terms of its consistency, it's a really thick and creamy concealer. It instantly covers my creases and the coverage is unbelievable. You really need the tiniest amount of this product because of how thick it is! It's a really big concealer compared to your standard ones, and I'm not complaining. It assures me that this product will last a very long time!
I was blessed with dark circles, so a bit of orange colour corrector and this on top covers them magically. So so happy with this purchase and definitely reccomend it to anyone out there looking for a good quality concealer - especially if you have dark circles, hyper pigmentation and dark scarring.

Tarte - Shade MEDIUM - £19


This is the cream highlight and contour duo from NYX that I'm loving! I use this every time I do a full face of makeup and this is so easy to use! As someone who isn't such a pro when it comes to contouring, this product has made it a lot easier for me to contour my face without looking like a clown. It has a precise doe foot applicator which makes it easy to trace the contour points of my face. The contour and highlighter are so easy to blend - however I do mainly use this product for the contour stick. The concealer/highlighter part is slightly on the peachy side which is what I'm a bit annoyed about because I have a very yellow undertone. But it has great coverage for those looking for a good highlighting concealer!

NYX / Shade CINNAMON & PEACH / £9.50

This is a liquid highlighter by NYX. This one has a rose gold tone which I love! I'm more into my champagne/bronze highlighter, so it was nice to switch it up a bit! It's not TOO intense like my Benefit Sun Beam, but it's good for those subtle makeup days. It has a beautiful glow, perfect for all skin tones! It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but you don't need too much of this product. However, one thing I did wrong was that I mixed a lot of the highlighter with my foundation which resulted to my face looking quite pink, which again isn't good for someone with a very yellow undertone. So again, a small amount of this product will do. 

NYX / Shade GLEAM / £8

Next is this dark brown liquid lipstick that I'm loving. The liquid suede range by NYX is incredible - they're creamy matte liquid lipsticks that are very long lasting and don't feel dry at all!! They're honestly my favourite and I also own another one of these in the shade Soft Spoken. I've had my eyes on Sandstorm too for a while, might have to grab that at some point! They're really affordable and what more could you want from a very pigmented and creamy matte liquid lipstick?


This is a beautiful bronzing and highlighting palette that I am loving right now! What I love is that this palette has a multipurpose. I use the first shade as a highlighter (left)- this one is a gold highlighter. The second powder is quite pink, so if I ever feel like adding some blush on, I use this one! The third powder is more browny, so perfect for bronzing! The fourth powder is a slightly shimmery rose gold-y shade that I like to use as a highlighter too sometimes, but I also like to mix this shade with the second pink one to use as a eyeshadow! Very blendable and pigmented powders, would defo recommend! 


Lastly, this is one of my favourite brushes by Real Techniques - the setting brush. I now have two, I use one for highlighting and this one for setting my under eyes with a loose powder! There's nothing much more to say! This brush has such good quality and really helps to set my under eyes properly - it has the perfect shape! This is also a great brush for highlighter - I prefer these than the fan brushes!


I hope you enjoyed this mini haul! I haven't really focused on beauty this month because I wanted to focus on skincare more, as well as fashion!

Till next time,

Monday, 24 July 2017


Hi everyone!

It's been pretty gloomy in London for the past couple of days, nothing new. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes I like to keep the style of my outfits quite minimal during days like this. I like to stick to colours that don't stand out too much - weird, I know. I prefer to stick with my blacks and whites, most probably because 85% of my wardrobe consists of black or white clothes. Of course I like my bright and vibrant colours, but some days it's nice to keep the outfit slightly muted, but still make it stand out.

I've styled three different outfits with the same black culottes to show how versatile culottes are. I'm obsessed with them and they're so comfortable! It's a must in my wardrobe.

Nothing is better than a simple and comfy outfit that stands out! I paired this slogan tee with the black culottes. I wore my trusty black converses and a metal feather detailed side bag. It can't get more chic and effortless than this.

Sometimes it gets quite breezy and you need something more than just a top to step outside the house. That's why I paired this look with a very soft and thin knit jumper that is perfect for those breezy summer days. It's a breathable material which means you won't be feeling hot. Also, you don't have to add more layers to keep warm, a thin jumper will be enough for a cooler summer day. 

My love for stripes will never stop. A striped blouse is a staple piece that everyone should have in their collection because of how classy and chic it looks. You could pair it with black leggings, high waisted skinny/mom jeans and culottes - it's very versatile and makes your outfit more dressed up! Here I've taken my favourite striped blouse that I've tied into a knot (it's a bit long) rather than tucking it in because I love the messy look. 

Here are all the details for the three outfits:

Outfit One / Top  - Pull and Bear // Culottes - Apricot // Bag - Zara // Shoes - Converse 
Outfit Two / Jumper - Pull and Bear // Culottes - Apricot // Shoes - Converse
Outfit Three / Blouse - Matalan // Culottes - Apricot // Shoes - Converse

Really hope you liked this post!
Thanks for reading,

Monday, 17 July 2017


Hi everyone,
Hope you're all well! One thing that I'm loving about summer are the fashion trends. I feel like these trends are far by my favourite and very different and experimental. I would've never worn half the styles this time last year, but with these trends becoming so popular, I thought I'd give it a try!
For this blogpost, I've narrowed down my list to the top 4 summer trends that I'm loving, and I tried to style them all in one outfit!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· 1. Embroidery `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

Embroidered clothes have taken over all the shops this spring/summer, and it is by far my favourite trend. I found these high waisted mom jeans with these lovely red rose embroidery and I fell in love. Love at first sight truly exists. I love that the jeans are black which helps to bring out the red embroidery a lot more. I feel like these jeans will be very easy to style and can be worn throughout autumn as well as they're quite thick. I wore these on a gloomy day, and they were perfect to add a bit of colour to my outfit!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· 2. Red `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

Red is probably the go-to colour this summer. From red dresses, to red shoes, it is definitely this seasons favourite colour. Red is probably also the one colour I lack in my cupboard, so it was nice to add more vibrance to my clothes! You'd think red would be a hard colour to style, but it goes well with any kind of jeans! For instance, a red blouse tucked into a blue buttoned skirt! It's a great colour to stand out this summer.

Above I've styled the jeans with a bright red blouse. I think that the black and red go really well together, and the blouse also matches with the roses on the jeans! If I were to wear a black top, I think that the outfit would look more muted. The red blouse really ties in the look together!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· 3. Frills and Ruffles `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

The third trend I've been seeing around are frills. Now, this is something I didn't think I would wear and  To be fair, when the trend first started to come around, I wasn't a big fan of it. However, the more I saw it around, the more I started to like it. I'm not a big fan of clothes that are overly packed with frills and ruffles, I prefer simple ones like the blouse I'm wearing above. Frills and ruffles help to bring character into your outfits and also gives it a vintage vibe. Frills and ruffles were so in fashion before, and I'm glad that they're back because I got to try something new for myself!

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· 4. Denim on Denim `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

Denim on denim is quite a risky trend for me, because I think that it has to be styled in a certain way for it to look good.  One thing I've been noticing this summer is the style of matching denim jackets with denim jeans. I''m really loving the denim on denim trend! Here I've styled a black denim jacket, with frayed hems, with the black mom jeans. 

Here is an overview of the outfit! I styled the outfit with some black converses to keep the attention on the jeans and the red blouse. 


Blouse - NEW LOOK // Jeans - TOPSHOP // Shoes - CONVERSE // Jacket - PRIMARK

I hope you liked this blogpost! I love this seasons' fashion and I'm looking forward to the upcoming trends! 
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Hi everyone!
Today I have a really quick post featuring my outfit of the day. It has the perfect pop of colour to match this lovely summery weather (although it did rain a few hours ago..)

I was out on a shoot with a friend and she was kind enough to take a photos of me too, so thanks Anna! ๐Ÿ˜Š

On this summer day, I decided to pair my favourite yellow shirt with mom jeans. It was such an easy going and effortless outfit.

Lets start with the jeans. So these mom jeans are very high waisted (which I'm all for) and they're mid-blue denim. What I love about these jeans is how well fitted they are and how flattering they look. I previously only owned a pair of ripped mom jeans, so I really wanted something without rips in order for me to wear it to many different places. I could wear this during the colder days as well, and don't have to worry about a breeze coming through any rips and cuts. Another thing that I LOVE about these jeans are the frayed hems. They give the jeans a much more edgy and messy look. Frayed hems are so in trend at the moment, so I'm glad I'm finally a part of it! I saved the best thing till last, and that is the iridescent gems that are shaped as a star. There are gems all over the front part of the jeans, and it being iridescent makes it 100 times better! It gives the jeans such a unique look, and sometimes it's nice to not wear your standard plain jeans - it really adds more character to the outfit.

Here's a close up of the loafers I was wearing! They have a pretty embroidered rose in the front. I was a bit hesitant about mules because I thought they would be really hard to walk in and very uncomfortable, but I was wrong! These shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk around in.

Here's a full view of my outfit. I styled it with a khaki tote bag which really complimented the mustard/yellow shirt! I don't know about you, but I only really like tote bags! I like how simple and chic they are and how it can fit so much in them! I also only like shoulder bags as they're the most convenient for me. I'm really not a fan of handbags that can only be held or rested on your arm.


I hope you liked this post! It was a really quick one but I really liked the outfit yesterday so I thought I'd share it! Yesterday was the perfect weather - a bit of sun and a bit of wind. When it's too hot, I'm literally melting and would prefer staying indoors. It was so nice to be able to walk around freely without wanting to chuck a bucket of water down my head!

Thanks for reading :-)

Friday, 7 July 2017


Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted & I hope you're all doing well! Today I have a fashion post (again) and today I will focus on how I would dress up everyday/casual clothes to make it more suitable for going out. As a student, I like to invest in more casual clothes that I can wear everyday, rather than fancy 'going out' outfits. However, this becomes a problem for me when I have to go out somewhere that requires me to look more dressed up.

One thing that really helps to change the look of an outfit are accessories. In this blogpost, I will emphasise more on how accessories (jewellery in particular) can help to make an outfit less casual, and more outgoing. If you know me personally, you'll know how much I LOVE ethnic and boho accessories. I'm a sucker for anything that brings in ethnic vibes to show off my Indian side more. I love the whole 'east meets west' trend by mix and matching different styles of clothing and accessories!

Styling up casual outfits is a lot easier than you think. It's crazy how much just a change of jewellery or lip colour can make an outfit look different. So for this post, I've experimented a few different ways to change the look of casual clothing.

So for this first look, I've put together casual dark blue skinny jeans with a light blue pinstriped shirt. An oversized shirt  tucked into high waisted jeans looks so elegant and effortless. This is something I would wear out for dinner, a bar or somewhere that requires me to look more dressed up! I've unbuttoned the shirt in order to show off the necklace more. I paired this outfit with a silver bohemian coin necklace which really helps to make this look stand out more! It really helped to tie in the look together. There are only two types of jeans that I like, either high waisted skinny jeans, or mom jeans. High waisted skinny jeans are so versatile and easy to style - and is a must in my wardrobe! In terms of my makeup, I kept my makeup natural with a nude lip. However, to make the look more 'going out' I would wear red lipstick which would really compliment the dark blue jeans - and also give the whole look a slight Parisian vibe. 

DETAILS // Shirt - Primark // Jeans - Pull & Bear // Necklace - gift from friend (similar ones on amazon) // Lips - Velvet Teddy MAC

This second look is a very laid back outfit, but with a few changes to the way you style the outfit, it appears less casual. I'm wearing an extremely oversized denim shirt with the same high waisted dark blue jeans as before. Denim on denim is quite a risky trend - some outfits turn out really well, but some just look terrible. I decided to use a mid blue denim shirt and dark blue jeans. I feel that having a medium blue shirt, rather than a really light blue one, helped to make the denim on denim look more suitable. Typically, I would wear the shirt without tucking it in, however to dress it up a bit more, I tied it up. Now, you could either tie it up and leave it as a knot, or what I sometimes like to do is tie the front with a hair tie and then tuck the knot in. When you have very oversized shirts, I feel that tucking it in or tying a knot looks really good and very effortless. I am much more for the oversized and baggy look, rather than fitted. To finish off the look, I styled a very ethnic choker, which looks a lot like a payal (anklet). I saw this at Peacocks and I HAD to get it! I can see myself styling this choker with so many more outfits. The ethnic silver necklace looks so good with the blue denim. If I was to keep my hair out, I would create slight boho waves. Lastly, for the makeup I changed my lip colour to a deeper red with hints of pink. 

DETAILS // Shirt - thrifted // Jeans - Pull & Bear // Necklace - Peacocks // Lips - Love Bug COLOURPOP

For this third look, I paired two casual pieces of clothing. The first is the ripped mom jeans, and then a paisley shirt. Mom jeans have to be one of my staple items in my cupboard, again because of how versatile it is. I tucked in this shirt and rolled up the sleeves to keep it looking effortless. I chose to style this shirt with light blue mom jeans rather than black jeans because it helps to make the outfit stand out more. Whatever the weather, mom jeans are always in style and can be worn throughout the year. If I was to wear dark jeans, I feel like it would mute the paisley pattern. However, with a lighter shade blue denim, the outfit altogether stands out a lot more. For jewellery, I chose this light gold necklace which is very ethnic - complimenting the paisley shirt. I changed up my lip colour to a dark brown. I feel like dark colours would really rock this outfit! 

DETAILS // Shirt - Boohoo // Jeans - Matalan // Necklace - Primark // Lips - Limbo COLOURPOP

This last outfit gives me serious Lemonade (Beyonce) vibes. The colour of this shirt is my favourite, and I paired it with light blue mom jeans to create a fun, summery look. Rather than tucking in the shirt, I chose to tie a knot to make it look more dressed up. To top it off, I wore this gold (with hints of brass) coin necklace. I feel like the gold/brassy necklace suited the mustard shirt SO well. This is a perfect summer outfit for going out somewhere nice.

DETAILS // Shirt - New Look // Necklace - Similar on amazon // Jeans - Matalan // Lips - Tansy COLOURPOP

I hope you liked this post! I really enjoy these fashion posts and I have many more planned that I will post soon! I've learnt that accessories really help to change the style of an outfit. Without the necklaces that I wore for this blogpost, the outcome of the outfits wouldn't have looked the same, and I really want to start accessorising more.

This is something I love about my blogging experience, I find so many new ways to improve myself, whether it be fashion or photography.

I'll be back with a photography post soon, till then, take care & thank you for reading!

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hi lovelies!
Today I have another summer outfit post for you! So, one thing I see that has been on trend for a while now are pleated midi skirts. Personally, I am not a fan of skirts. I will always prefer shorts, trousers or jeans! I just feel more comfortable and free with them. However, the pleated skirt trend is something I had to try out, and I absolutely love it! In fact, the skirt that I will be showing was bought about more than a year ago, so it has been quite on trend for a while. But because it's officially summer now (it was the longest day of the year today!), I see SO many girls rocking these pleated midi skirts.

I like styling different outfits and trying out new trends, therefore I'm here to show you how I would style this skirt in three different ways. One is a more casual look, something you could wear down to the shops or for brunch somewhere cute. The second one is more vintage and something you can wear to bring in more colour to your outfit. The third one is more fancy, something to wear to a fancy restaurant or a chilled out bar.

Now, I'll stop rambling on and show you the three looks I have styled!

Keepin' It Casual

To make this super casual, I stuck to earthy tones by incorporating a white slouchy tee with a dusty pink tote bag. I feel like the khaki, white and pink go together so well. Then to add an extra accessory, I wore this brown suede fedora hat which I feel completed the look well. I personally go very minimal with jewellery when it comes to daytime, especially in these heat. I don't like to have a necklace or anything to cling on me when it's super hot outside. Therefore the hat was the perfect accessory - keeps the sun out of my face and completes the look.

TOP (Primark) // Pleated Skirt (Zara) // Bag (Ted Baker) // Hat (Primark)

Vintage Fever

This is probably my favourite style out of the three because of how vintage and comfortable it was! I styled the skirt with a dusty pink paisley silk blouse. I tied a knot in the front to make it look more messy and effortless. Sometimes I don't like to tuck in my blouses because it makes me feel a bit restricted. Also because this blouse is cropped, it untucks really quickly and because it's silky! The pattern and colour goes so well with the skirt and helps to bring some colour to my outfit. I usually opt for a black or white top, but this helps to make the outfit look more bold. If you know me personally, you know I'm a sucker for ANYTHING paisley! It's truly the pattern for summer, and really reminds me of Indian clothing. Again, I added in the brown hat because it really adds to the vintage feel! The suede khaki and suede brown really compliment each other.

Top (Apricot) // Skirt (Zara) // Hat (Primark)

Flare Out

The final look I have is this crop top/blouse with long flared sleeves. Now, let me just tell you how OBSESSED I am with the flared sleeves trend. It takes the world back to the 70s. The flared sleeves brings out the party in this outfit and makes it look more 'going-out' rather than casual. Black and khaki really compliment each other, and to top it off, I wore a gold coin boho necklace. I feel that gold/bronze tones would suit khaki rather than silver.  This would be a great look for a summer night out, to a fancy restaurant or to an event. Trรจs chic. 

Top (Missguided) // Skirt (Zara) // Necklace (Amazon)

I hope you liked this post! It was so fun to style and shoot, and thanks to Luxshe once again for being a great photographer! This was honestly so fun to style and want to make more posts like these where you have one statement piece, but styled in many different ways. It's crazy how one change of clothing can change up the outfit so much. You can go from formal to casual to super 'going-out'. That's what I love about fashion, it's experimental and so versatile that you can change it to suit your own personal look and preference.

Thanks for reading :-)

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